The Fitness Papers: Our Top Picks for Specialty Gyms in Singapore

The Fitness Papers: Our Top Picks for Specialty Gyms in Singapore

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It’s hard to get through a week without hearing about the latest, greatest fitness revolution to hit your country. Whether it’s a new workout app, a new exercise routine, a celebrity workout endorsement, or a new gym… fitness trends are everywhere. And in a saturated industry, it can be hard to sift through the place that’s right for you.

The good news is, it’s possible. You just need a few tips to help navigate through the flood of blaring music and perky fitness instructors. The constantly-changing landscape of fitness trends mean that there’s always something new on the horizon, while other popular establishments settle into long-term “classics” status.

Here are our top 5 picks for specialty gyms in Singapore.


Field Assembly Training Facility is a 3-storey gym in the CBD, that offers Strength & HIIT classes that mimics The Personal Training Experience© at great value. Also offers Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai & Yoga classes. Fully equipped with showers and refreshments such as cold brew coffee and coconut water.


Barry’s is the global destination to get the best workout of your life. They are dedicated to changing lives worldwide through the specialized workouts and community.

The OGs of HIIT, push your limits and you might burn up to 1,000 calories per class. Barry’s is a vibe. The red lights hit, the beat drops and you lose yourself in the energy of the Red Room. You’ll run faster, lift heavier and you won’t do it alone.

Equipped with the Fuel Bar, Barry’s in-house hub for health and wellness, they’ve got customized shakes and grab and go goodies that will help you run faster, lift heavier and recover more quickly.


The Mobilus community is accepting and vibrant. Every time you come here you train alongside members of the military, full time mothers, doctors, law enforcers, elite athletes, business executives retired grandparents and others. Regardless your background or how you earn a living, our pursuit in becoming stronger and fitter together is the same. When the going gets tough in every workout, the community will keep you going.

CrossFit is a strength and conditioning program that uses a combination of weight lifting, body weight and aerobic exercises challenging your body to adapt and perform in more ways than before. Each workout is designed to improve your capacity in ten domains, accuracy, agility, balance, coordination, endurance, flexibility, power, stamina, strength and speed.


Focus Pilates is the largest integrated Pilates and physiotherapy studio in Singapore and Southeast Asia. They provide world class quality Pilates classes and physiotherapy designed for fitness, rehabilitation and sports conditioning.

Programmes including group and private pilates classes, pre and postnatal, core alignment. Focus Pilates is also proud host and appointed training centre for the internationally-recognised Polestar Pilates Instructor Education Courses

Now that you are more aware of the types of gyms that are available, best of luck starting your fitness journey! Don’t forget that working out should be paired with eating right and dressing right.

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