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The Fitness Papers: The Perfect Morning Workout

The Fitness Papers: The Perfect Morning Workout

When it comes to exercising in the a.m., it’s way easier to be a wimp than a warrior—which is bad news, considering how an early sweat session may benefit your body.

Not only are morning workouts easier to stick to but science also suggests that working out early—more specifically, before you’ve had breakfast—may help the body burn fat more efficiently. That said, actually getting yourself to the gym—or even out of the house—at the crack of dawn can feel like a struggle.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on all your #riseandgrind aspirations—just opt for a calmer kind of workout at the beginning.

Start with gentle movements that yield big results—ones that strengthen and stretch the entire body while getting the blood pumping, but are a bit less intense.

Try these and slowly ease your mornings into a healthier one!

What to Do: Read the descriptions below and watch the many available Youtube videos to become more familiarized with each exercise. 30 seconds each. 2 rounds. 7 exercises, 7 minutes!


  1. Jumping Jacks – As you jump and extend your legs, bring your arms up above your head simultaneously. Make sure to keep your torso tight and stay in rhythm.
  2. Plank – Lying parallel to the ground resting on your elbows with your arms in front of you, be straight as a board. There is no movement in this exercise just holding it.
  3. Hip Extensions – Support yourself on your elbows and one knee, lift the other knee slightly off the floor and behind the other leg, then fully extend the leg.
  4. Push-ups – In a plank position but with your hand extended keeping a neutral spine, drop yourself a few inches off the ground, then push yourself back up again.
  5. Jump Squats – With feet shoulder width apart and your toes behind you knees, get in a squat position, then jump up returning to the squat position and continue.
  6. Foot to Foot Crunch – Lying on your back with your knees bent and feet about 6-8 inches from your glutes, touch each foot with your hands alternating sides.
  7. Plyometric Lunges – Form two 90-degree angles with your legs keeping your knees behind your toes, instead of doing a regular lunge you will hop & switch legs in place.

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