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The Fitness Papers: Athleisure

Why is everyone wearing gym/fitness clothes everywhere?

Sometimes you see your colleagues incorporating fitness wear with their work outfit and sometimes you see people on the MRT dressed like they’re going for a workout, even though they’re just actually heading to the movies. Whatever the case may be, it cannot be ignored that the trend for athleisure clothing is on the rise. What exactly is athleisure?

Well it is basically a type of casual and comfortable clothing designed to be suitable for both exercise and everyday wear.  The name is a derivate of combining Athletic and Leisure Wear. It can also be seen as a mix of casual and athletic wear. Why do people wear this type of clothing you may ask? The answer lies in the durability and comfort. Technology envelopes us and it’s no news that we would also want technology implemented in our clothing as well. Cooling tech fibers and anti-odor materials helps us in styling ourselves in clothing that is relevant in today’s world where fitness plays a huge part in our everyday life.

With the rising trend of fitness and health, it’s no wonder that people also dress this way to have the feeling of being fit. It is no longer just a look, but a lifestyle. This is a dawning of a new age for fashion, combining athletic wear and casual wear. An age where suits can be paired with sneakers and yoga pants can be worn all day without anyone batting an eyelid.

If you need more evidence of the rise in athleisure clothing, just take a look at all the designers ranging from H&M to Gucci. All the brands are jumping onto the athleisure style bandwagon. Most of the major designers are coming up with casual styles that are suitable for casual wear that may or may not have technology in them. Fashion is slowly steering towards the path of athleisure wear.

But here at DOT, you won’t need to fork out thousands of dollars for athleisure apparel as we offer a variety of apparels and footwear from several brands like adidas, Puma, and Under Armour. As more and more well-known celebrities come up with their line of athleisure wear, it is apparent that the athleisure style is here to stay.

Examples include Kylie Jenner, The Weekend and Cara Delevingne Basket Heart…all by Puma as well as Dwayne Johnson a.k.a The Rock for Underarmour. So why not get on this healthy and fabulous train that we call athleisure?

The Fitness Papers: Running Revelations

Why is everyone so into running these days?

Why do people run? Some do it for health, some to release stress, and some do it for the joy of it. Whatever the reason may be, running and staying in shape has always been a high priority in Singapore. Head over to Marina Bay Sands Bridge during the evenings any time of the week and you’ll see people working out a sweat, zooming past you. You can also join one of the many 24-hour gyms in Singapore that is quickly becoming the norm. With innovative technologies and gear to help you with your run, it’s no secret that running is becoming a big part of everyone’s routine in a busy metropolitan city like Singapore.

Running has a number of benefits. It helps to elevate your mood, add years to your life, aid in defeating age-related mental decline, and the most apparent advantage; contribute to a fit and healthy body. In a highly competitive workplace such as Singapore, it’s difficult to strive for a proper work-life balance. Our jobs and families demand more from us. We sacrifice our time to climb the corporate ladder. The pressure to do well in all aspects of our lives has increasingly become strenuous. Therefore, sparing just 30 minutes to go for a quick run everyday helps to conquer the stress that overwhelms us. By running for just 30 minutes, it allows us to relieve stress, sleep well, think more clearly, and a whole plethora of bonuses. Some prefer to run outdoors, some on the treadmill. Whatever our choice is, the fact of the matter is that running helps!

Running used to be simple. But now, we have all sorts of tech and innovations to assist us in running farther, lighter, and higher. However, a staple that still remains in running is a pair of reliable running shoes. Different shoes can be suited for a variety of running types. You may run long distance with continued persistence or a short distance with bursts of high intensity power. Apparels can also make a substantial difference in your running performance. Cooling tech enables you to keep cool while you sweat, and in a hot and humid country like Singapore, we sure could use that technology! Compression tights can squeeze your body to give you that extra flexibility when running too. With all these ingenuity advantages, we can push ourselves to do more, to go farther, and to go longer.

The Fitness Papers: HIIT (High Intensity Training)

As the name suggests, HIIT or High Intensity Training is a type of workout where exercises are done in a short period of time but with high intensity. The integral principle of HIIT is overload. By imposing a greater load on your muscles than they’re accustomed to, it stimulates the muscular strength of your body.

Surely HIIT has to come with benefits or else, why would it be so popular? There are many reasons as to why it’s so popular and here are a few. For one, it does not require equipment as HIIT uses mainly your body weight. It is short and effective. It does not require personal trainers or the gym necessarily… you just need a wide-open space.

Living and working in a busy metropolitan, it’s hard to fit in a workout regimen that needs an hour or more. Personal trainers and gym memberships costs money as well. So, if you lead a busy lifestyle with limited disposable income, HIIT is a good option for you.

HIIT typically lasts for about 30 minutes and it’s quite easy to fit in 30 minutes of your day to exercise rigorously. Apart from its popularity, there are also a variety of benefits to HIIT. Here are a few:

  • Builds endurance
  • No equipment necessary
  • Lose fat and not muscle
  • Effective use of energy
  • Boost metabolism
  • Burn calories and fat after you leave the gym
  • Burn calories and fat in a shorter amount of time

You may not need treadmills or cycling machines to do HIIT but you do need your workout gear. Exercising in a t-shirt and jeans just won’t cut it. Dress yourself in stretchy and comfortable apparel to maximize your routine. Moisture wicking technology in clothing is also vital to keeping cool during your HIIT workout. Tights are recommended and so are sports bras. Shoes are also necessary as you do not want to slip and fall, which may hinder your progress.

We have talked about HIIT, its benefits, and the types of products that goes along with it. As mentioned above, HIIT does not necessarily require gyms. However, if you like the atmosphere of a gym here are a few options.

  • Ritual: This place specializes in HIIT. There won’t be treadmills or cycling machines here. Instead you will find medicine balls, dumbbells, and suspension ropes.
  • Vision Gym: Not exactly HIIT but it’s aim is to have a short and effective workout through means of EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation). Electrical impulse currents are used to stimulate your muscles while working out.
  • CrossFit Mobilus: Their key workout here is WOD (Workout Of the Day). Trainers set these workouts and participants try to complete it within the shortest time possible. A strong community bond makes it a competitive place to get motivated and stay in shape.

*Disclosure: Before engaging in HIIT, it’s best to start slow, especially if you have led a sedentary lifestyle. Starting an intensive regimen immediately may cause injuries and hinder your progress to a better shape and lifestyle.